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About Us

Ivey Promotions LLC, in operation since 2008, is a family-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of coin-operated video games and gaming equipment. While we sell items in all 50 states, Ivey Promotions LLC is licensed by The Georgia Lottery for skill games available in the State of Georgia. We build exceptional custom games both in wood and metal and sell a wide variety of software and parts needed for these skill and non-skill games as well as for popular video games. In addition, we provide service to repair parts and machines with our experienced technicians.


If you are in the area, we’d love for you to visit our showroom and check out our machines and new games!


9305 Industrial Trace

Alpharetta, GA  30004

678-291-0290 office


We appreciate the opportunity to gain your business! Please let us know if there is anything that you need which may not be listed on this website.


                                                Warmest regards,                                        

                                                Freddy Ivey, Owner