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Aurora Plus

Jenka Lab

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Aurora Plus
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Aurora Plus combines five game boards into one. Simply go to settings and choose which board!

It includes the game boards and games: 

- Aurora 1

(Luck of Luxury, Escape From Alcatraz, Jackpot Buffalo, Amazing Wild, and Wonder Trips)

- Aurora 2

(Ultimate Aqua World, On The Road, Quacky Buck$, Jackpot Mania, and New York) 

- Aurora 3

(Spin of Fortune, Buena Suerte!, Friday Night, Wings of Freedom, and Super Party) 

- Aurora Link 

(Buena Suerte!, Wild Frontier, New York, Wings of Freedom, Get Diggin', Jackpot Buffalo, On The Road, Ultimate Aqua World, and Quacky Buck$)

- Aurora 5

(Loud and Furious, At the Diner, Royal Fortunes, Lucky Fella, and Nice Catch) 


30 Days

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