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ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer


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ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer
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The GP-58CR has a built-in real time clock for the ticket time stamping.

-excellent reporting system which provides daily and summary transaction reports

-stores up to 365 days of daily reports

-coupons and receipts are customizable

-downloadable design provides flexibility to use the customized ticket formats and logos in an easy way

-full/partial cut function

-user-friendly multiple interfaces

-easy installation and low maintenance

-fast printing speed




Thickness Max .12mm       Life Time Max 500,000/time        Time Max 1 sec/time


Life  30KM      Resolution  8 dots/mm     Speed  40mm/Sec

Power source     12VDC (10.8~13.2 VDC)   Min. 165mA~Max 3.75a

I/O Level           DC0V~12V     5mA~130mA

Paper Width     56+/-.5mm

Paper Roll Diameter       65 +/- .5mm

Interface          RS232, Pot of Gold, Pulse

Power Consumption    Standby: .16A, 2W

                              Operation:  2.5A, 30W

                              Maximum:  3.75A, 45W



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